Consulting is anything but a cookie cutter operation. Our consulting services vary depending upon the needs of our clients. We believe in combining our knowledge and experience with your resources to help build the best possible process for your reimbursement activities. Because our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs, we can work with you in virtually any capacity. Some of our most utilized options include:

  • Assessment with recommendations for improved efficiencies
  • Assessment with support for implementing the proposed efficiencies
  • Complete ongoing management and supervision of your department as your staff are mentored and trained. Our quality management services provide consistent operation of your existing staff combined with readily available access to specialized professional services on a long-term basis.

Here are just a few of the benefits of allowing us to work alongside you to meet your reimbursement goals:


  • Renewed focus on your core business as we handle reimbursement
  • Improved customer satisfaction from improved processes
  • Lower operating costs due to economies of scale
  • Better overall budget control
  • Transformation of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Seasoned, health care experts available for supervision and consultation
  • Ongoing access to education and training
Our consulting activities are derived from our four-part process: assessment, solution design, implementation, and audit/continuous improvement. These activities can be provided as a comprehensive service or on an individual basis as they are needed. Some clients approach us to begin working with them from the assessment phase, while others require a specific solution to a known billing problem, an audit of their current billing system and recommendations for continued improvement and sustainability in the future.


We review each step of the revenue cycle process and your reimbursement activities including intake, order entry, billing, collections, cash application, secondary billing and financial outcomes to help you determine best practices for your company. Our team will also review your existing contracts with third party payers to ensure reimbursement optimization where possible. We will also evaluate and make recommendations regarding:

    • Best practices review of all departments
    • Compliance with all state and federal requirements
    • Contract review and optimization
    • Software functionality
    • DSO/Cash flow analysis

Solution Design

After we have made initial recommendations to your organization for process improvement, we can begin designing a solution that will best serve your needs. These may include activities such as altering the database system, consolidating resources and streamlining processes. When necessary, we offer training and education for your entire team or department. Whether it is through valuable onsite training, or customizable and cost-saving webinars, at Reimbursement Concepts, we strongly believe that arming our clients with the information, education and tools they need to understand the changes and trends in the health care industry is often the key to designing an effective solution.


Because we already have personnel, systems and expertise in place, using Reimbursement Concepts brings attractive economies of scale to your business. Where necessary, our proposed solution will include support in all phases of the revenue cycle:

      • Verification and authorization
      • Billing/Charge capture
      • Collections
      • Posting
      • Trending Analytics
      • Audit

Audit and Continuous Improvement

We will not rest until you reach your reimbursement goals. An audit of your reimbursement department will include a comprehensive review of a claim from intake through payment/denial with a weighted scoring function that will provide a comprehensive picture of your company’s billing gaps, goals, and ultimately, its growth. We succeed when you succeed.

For a consultation on how to build better processes for your
company’s reimbursement needs, contact us today.