Database Management

We believe that the key to speedy reimbursement is in the distribution of a “clean claims,” or bills that are correctly coded and modified, so they arrive in a timely manner, are acceptable to the patient and are paid promptly. However, to distribute a “clean claim”, you need the correct procedures in place.

Whether your processes need an expert tweak, or complete outsourcing, Reimbursement Concepts, Inc. has the resources, personnel, expertise and creativity to design a solution that will work for your team.

We begin with a complete assessment of your revenue cycle procedures to discover the gaps or inefficiencies that are hindering your health care organization’s reimbursement success. This includes careful examination of your in-place procedures for:

Right-sizing your database

When companies outgrow their database management systems or need help in finding a customized solution for their particular department, Reimbursement Concepts can help. Our database management services are customized to your needs.

We do not require you to buy any particular kind of software for your operations. We can help you maximize the productivity of your system or, when necessary, recommend a newer, more efficient system tailored to your needs. We have helped scores of companies find the right software solution for their database management.

Consulting or Co-sourcing

Because our solutions are customized to you, we can work with you as a consultant, assessing your procedures and offering recommendations for improved efficiencies. Or we can work as a co-sourcing partner and offer day-to-day, onsite supervision of your department, as experts in database management. Finally, we can also completely staff and manage a department dedicated to your database functions.

Our goal is to provide the right amount of support for all your reimbursement activities. Whatever you need, just ask!

Payer and Pricing Files

We also understand the complex data needed to bill patients correctly, including contract pricing, expected insurance reimbursement, Medicaid rules, and required regulations and coding. We can help you keep your payer and pricing files current and in compliance with all government regulations.We do so regularly for many of our revenue cycle clients.

Reimbursement Concepts is uniquely qualified to help with all manner
of database-related challenges. Call us to find out more.