Since 2003, Reimbursement Concepts has been helping hospital-based organizations and home health agencies navigate the challenging and ever-changing regulatory road of health care reimbursement. We bring value and savings to our client because of our expertise and economies of scale. Our goal is to help you build processes that increase efficiency and streamline your reimbursement procedures.

We are notably skilled in the following areas:

Home Infusion Therapy

RCI has extensive experience with handling the complexities that come with the billing of home infusion. Our management team has over 140 years combined experience in the home infusion/specialty pharmacy business! We ask the right questions of payers to get to the bottom of the problems commonly seen with home infusion: preauthorization, coding, payments, and regulatory and insurance coverage ambiguity.


For most health systems, billing for durable medical and home medical equipment is a laborious process, but at Reimbursement Concepts, we know it is all about effective billing. Regardless of the system your organization is using, we can help you optimize your workflow to free up your full-time employees or keep up with increasing billing. We do not push our system upon you…we work with what you have, augmenting when necessary, so you can achieve more efficiency.

Home Health and Hospice Reimbursement

Unlike home infusion, home health and hospice reimbursement is based upon the coding of the patient by the health care professional and their skill level. This increases the complexity of the billing process, but on the back end, we understand what needs to be done to get the bills out the door! We provide the due diligence needed to produce the “clean claim” that is paid promptly and without dispute. We do it by utilizing or improving your electronic systems to reduce paperwork, loosen any bottlenecks and increase cash flow.

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