Financial Reporting

As a trusted partner in the status of your reimbursement activities, we make ourselves accountable to you with our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly financial reporting. Depending on your requirements, we will report on the billing, collections and outstanding invoices from your clients.

We will help you set goals for your organization and gather information to monitor progress towards those goals. As we work with you and gather data as a result of any changes in processes, we will also help you analyze the reports so we can continuously improve and identify opportunities for more efficiencies.

A/R Trends

We are also cognizant of your A/R trends and challenges and work to resolve them. We have the expertise and deep health care experience to help you keep track of the trends that are important, altered, or expected to change because of impending or sudden changes in government health care regulation. Together, we can analyze these variables and identify opportunities for greater efficiencies. Our financial reporting includes valuable analysis on:

  • Monthly Flash reports trending:
    • MTD revenue
    • MTD cash posting against cash goals
    • MTD adjustments/write off’s
  • Review of top ten patient and top ten payer monthly
  • Financial spot report monthly
    • Analysis of collections as a percentage of a 90 day trailing revenue
    • Revenue percentages over 120 and 360 days
    • Unbilled revenue analysis
  • Ongoing monitoring of unexpected denials as a percentage of revenue
  • Monitoring and reporting of rolling A/R
  • Projections and monitoring of bad debt reserves
  • Profitability analysis

Making Progress

Our financial reporting services are available in conjunction with our co-sourced services to help you monitor our efficiency as we monitor the health of our company’s overall reimbursement success. Our goal is to ensure that your organization is continually making progress and building better processes towards objective goals.

0If high level monitoring and reporting of trends or a thorough financial analysis of your reimbursement
activities would be of help to your organization, contact us today.