Reimbursement Supervisor

Tempe - AZ, Weirton - WV
Posted 2 years ago

Position Summary

Responsible for supervising all aspects of the Reimbursement Department. Complies with all Company reimbursement and corporate compliance policies. Is responsible for the timely completion of all reports and processes as required by Company.

Education/Experience Required

Minimum: College degree or related work experience. One year billing/collections in Home Health and Hospice. Knowledge of basic accounting principles required. Working knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, Third Party Insurance reimbursement guidelines, superior competency with Office computer software, excellent attention to detail, ability to handle stresses and meet deadlines.

Preferred: Two years experience in Home Health and Hospice

Job Responsibilities and Performance Objectives

  • Mentor Team
  • Counsel and Discipline Staff
  • Responsible for timely employee evaluations and reviews
  • Provide ongoing training for staff, at least 4 hours per quarter
  • Maintain Employee files for team members
  • Interview of Applicants/Screen resumes
  • Timesheet and PTO approval
  • Approval of weekly timesheets
  • Communicate team goals monthly
  • Monitor Phone usage
  • Monitor Productivity weekly
  • Review denial reports weekly
  • Maintains DSO within goals set by management
  • Meeting with Director
  • Maintain unexpected denial rate of less than 3% of revenue
  • Maintain cash goals as set by management
  • Keep Director informed of collection issues/denial/ payment trends
  • Communicate payer changes to staff
  • Keeps Director informed of billing trends and issues
  • A/R analysis
  • Work with payers to resolve delayed or incorrect payments
  • Review 90 day A/R with staff
  • Reviews and approves/rejects all adjustments, write-off, and refund requests for accurate account resolution
  • Contributes ideas for technology improvements in an effort to streamline processes
  • Training and coaching reimbursement staff on proper adjustment, write-off and refund procedures
  • Proficient in the knowledge of the services offered by Company
  • Works as part of the company team by communicating effectively with all departments
  • Observes legal and ethical guidelines for safeguarding patient and company confidentiality (HIPAA)
  • Provides exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers
  • Looks for ways to improve and promote quality inter-departmentally
  • Interacts in a professional manner with all teammates and customers
  • Promotes company culture by adhering to policies and procedures
  • Completes assigned work in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Adapts to and demonstrates the ability to deal with frequent changes in the work environment
  • Is consistently at work and on time
  • Dresses in approved company attire
  • Can accept constructive criticism and make changes to accommodate the need
  • Has an excellent understanding of software applications utilized by the company.
  • Meets individual, departmental and company goals.
  • Contributes to overall positive environment
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Knowledge of Home Health and Hospice

Job Features

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