Revenue Cycle Management

While your primary concern is always for your patients, it is the financial well-being of your company that enables you to provide them with the highest quality services. Finding a billing solution is probably one of the most important decisions a Provider of Care can make in the business of home care. Patient verification, billing, and collection pose complex challenges that can interrupt the flow of business. Procedures are often needlessly muddled by clunky data entry, inefficient processing, and outdated software. The financial strength of your company is directly correlated to timely and accurate billing with maximum reimbursement. While some describe us as an “outsourcer”, we tend to think of ourselves as “co-sourcers” because our goal is to be a seamless part of your team.

Our services include:


New Patient Verification

We serve as the liaison between your company and all commercial and government payers to verify and authorize services in order to minimize denials. We ensure that we obtain accurate information which will result in clean claim submission and prompt payment.


Our goal is to submit timely and accurate clean claims. We are able to manage your billing completely, as a turnkey offering. You’ll be assured accuracy and quality service to the highest standard.


Everyone says it – “we don’t get paid unless you get paid!” but that is the truth of how we work. We are motivated to work diligently in the collection of your outstanding receivables, and to follow up often to get your receivables resolved in a timely manner.


We all know that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. As a trusted partner in the status of your reimbursement activities, we make ourselves accountable to you with customized reports, based upon your intended outcomes. We will help you set goals for your organization, gather pertinent information to monitor progress towards those goals, and effectively analyze that data in order to continuously maximize efficiency.

Payer Database Management

Your payer database functions are the life blood of your quest for reimbursement success. Only a well-run, managed payer database will give you the power you need to generate clean claims that receive prompt reimbursement upon receipt. We also understand the complex data needed to bill patients correctly, including contract pricing, expected insurance reimbursement, rules and regulations, and precise coding. We can help you keep your payer and pricing files current, ensuring you are billing every claim with the correct information.

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