Training and Education

When your people are well-trained and educated, they are empowered to work more efficiently and astutely as they carry out your company’s reimbursement activities.

At Reimbursement Concepts, we strongly believe in arming our clients with the information, education and tools they need to understand the changes, trends, etc. in the health care industry as well as other procedures and processes that directly relate to their business.

  • We can educate and train your staff on various topics including:
  • Software and database management techniques and packages
  • Government regulations and compliance
  • Reimbursement procedures and policies

We do this in several ways:

Onsite Training

Our people can train your team or an entire department onsite about a variety of topics that can help achieve higher efficiency. At your office, we can hold seminars to educate your staff about changes in the health care administration regulations so your company stays compliant with the latest updates. We are a valuable industry resource to answer questions your staff may have related to the industry and their role in it.

Offsite Training

On occasion, we will hold customized webinars or phone conferences as a cost-saving way to impart information and answer questions about changes in health care reimbursement and administration. These offerings keep us connected to our clients and keep our clients appraised of the latest developments of interest to them.

Online Training

We are pleased to announce the recent development of an online, clients-only portal to access webinars, information and other resources. RCU is designed specifically to keep clients up-to-date on the most relevant industry changes and will update regularly with the latest information of interest to our clients.

If your staff is in need of professional development or training regarding regulatory compliance
in the health care industry, contact us for more information.